ATTENTION: only for people Whose Sales Results = Their Income
Learn Sales Tactics that get immediate results
You will learn how to sell using tactics that work:
Tactic #1: Find and Manage Qualified Leads
leverage the internet, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and multiple other leads sources to fill your prospect list
Tactic #2: Fill Your Calendar with Appointments
Learn proven techniques to confirm appointments and get more time with prospects
Tactic #3: Teaching is the New Selling
Stop selling like it's 1985 and learn how to sell like it's 2018.  What you don't know is destroying your income potential
Tactic #4: Three Part Closing Plan
Do you have a closing plan?  Learn this simple and effective technique and you will close more sales and stay on track
Tactic #5: The One Word That will Get You to Yes 
Use this one word to get up to 90% compliance with your requests
Tactic #6: The Most Effective Closing Method Ever
ABC = Always Be Closing is dead.  Learn the one closing technique that works everytime in every industry.
Tactic #7: Build High Trust Relationships
Learn how to codify trust and accelerate through the sales process
Tactic #8: Get 80% of Your Sales from Referrals
Mine your existing relationships with a series of easily learnable tactics, let your customers & clients work for you
Tactic #9: 
Presentation Design for Results
Learn how to present like a pro & with conviction; influence and compel buying decisions; minimize follow-up
+ Many more tactics, market-tested for quick results
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